2020 Resolutions

Resolution 2020-51 Authorizing Executive Session

Resolution 2020-50 Resolution Authorizing Direct Deposit

Resolution 2020-49 Resolution Authorizing Sewer Capacity Reservation Agreement

Resolution 2020-48 Resolution Approving Bond Estimate & Escrow Fee

Resolution 2020-47 Authorizing Executive Session

Resolution 2020-46 Resolution CPTSA Establishing The Operations Employees Pay Scale For the Fiscal Year Dec. 1, 2020 to November 30, 2021 in Accordance with the Union Contract

Resolution 2020-45 Resolution Approving Paychex as an Outside Payroll Service

Resolution 2020-44 Resolution Approval of Temporary Budget Appropriations

Resolution 2020-43 Resolution Retroactive approval of Sick and Vacation Balance Roll Forward

Resolution 2020-42 Resolution of the CPTSA Authorizing the Submission of an Application to the New Jersey Local Finance Board Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A 5A-24

Resolution 2020-41 Resolution Authorizing an Application to the US EDA Pubic Works and Economic Adj Assistance Program Appointing Reps for Matters involving Documentation of the Same

Resolution 2020-40 Authorizing Executive Session

Resolution 2020-39 CPTSA Authority Agreement Oceans First Bank

Resolution 2020-38 2021 Authority Budget Resolution Carneys Point Township Sewerage Authority

Resolution  2020-37 Resolution of the CPTSA Ratifying the Late Introduction and Submission of the 2021 Budget

Resolution 2020-36 Authorizing Executive Session

Resolution 2020-35 Resolution Authorizing Contract for Legal Services

Resolution 2020-34 Resolution Approving Performance Bond

Resolution 2020-33 Resolution Authorizing Contract for Roof Repairs

Resolution 2020-32 Authorizing Release of Performance and Payment Bonds

Resolution 2020-31 Resolution Amending Adopting The 2020 Sewer Capital Program

Resolution 2020-30 Declaring an Emergency and Authorizing the Repairs for RBCs 1B, 2A and 2C at the CPTSA Wastewater Treatment Plant

Resolution 2020-29 Tax Sale Authorization

Resolution 2020-28 CPTSA Approving Filing Grant Funding & Loan to Fund the Overall Eng and Infrastructure Impr Needed to Expand the Capacity of CPTSA Sewerage Sanitary Sewer System

Resolution 2020-27 VOIDED

Resolution 2020-26 Resolution Approving Board Members to the Finance Committee

Resolution 2020-25 Resolution Authorizing Issuance And Sale of its Sewer Project Notes, Series 2020

Resolution 2020-24 Resolution Approving the Amendment of The Sewer Rate Schedule

Resolution 2020-23 Authorizing Executive Session

Resolution 2020-22 Township of Carneys Point Approving the filing of Grant Funding & Loan to Fund the Overall Engineering and Infrastructure improvements Expand the CPTSA Sanitary Sewer System

Resolution 2020-21 Resolution Approving the Contract for A Copier for the Administration Office

Resolution 2020-20 Resolution Approving the Amendment of The Sewer Rate Schedule

Resolution 2020-19 Risk Management Consultant

Resolution 2020-18 Authorizing Executive Session

Resolution 2020-17 Resolution Authorizing Fair and Open Process

Resolution 2020-16 Resolution Authorizing Escrow Agreement

Resolution 2020-15 Resolution Authorizing Contract

Resolution 2020-14 Resolution of the CPTSA Approving the Advertisement To Hold a Public Hearing on the Proposed Sewer Rate Changes

Resolution 2020-13 Sewer Extension Survey Escrow Account Agreement

Resolution 2020-12 Authorizing Executive Session

Resolution 2020-11 Resolution of The CPTSA Amending the Office Manager Job Duties and Approving the Advertisement for a New Office Manager

Resolution 2020-10 Resolution of The CPTSA Amending the Policy For Payment of Claims Regarding the Claimants Certification for Payment

Resolution 2020-9 Resolution of the CPTSA Establishing the Operations Employee Pay Scale for the Fiscal Year Dec. 1, 2019 to November 30, 2020 in Accordance with the Union Contract

Resolution 2020-8 Resolution of the CPTSA Establishing a New Hourly Rate for the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Position

Resolution 2020-7 Declaring An Emergency and Authorizing The RBC2D Electrical Repairs at the CPTSA Wastewater Treatment Plant

Resolution 2020-6 Resolution Riehl’s Towing

Resolution 2020-5 Appointment of Authority Bond Counsel

Resolution 2020-4 Appointment of Authority Engineer

Resolution 2020-3 Appointment of Authority Solicitor

Resolution 2020-2 Appointment of Authority Accountant Auditor

Resolution 2020-01 Resolution Rejecting Bids