2017 Resolutions

Resolution 2017-49 Approval of US Communities National Cooperative

Resolution 2017-48 Adopt Budget

Resolution 2017-47 Authorizing Payment to Deltronics Corp Line Street Pump Station

Resolution 2017-46 Authorizing the hiring of full time Business Manager

Resolution 2017-45 Autorizing executive session

Resolution 2017-44 Aurthorizing Sanitary Sewer Connection for McLane Dist Exp

Resolution 2017-43 Authorizing Partial Payment No. 2 Hickory Ave Pump Station Generator

Resolution 2017-42 Approving the hiring of part time AP AR Cler

Resolution 2017-41 Authorizing Sanitary Sewer Easement for Bloc

Resolution 2017-40 Authorizing Purchase of Electricity Supply S

Resolution 2017-39 2018 Authority Budget Resolution

Resolution 2017-38 Confirming the Findings of the New Jersey Lo

Resolution 2017-37 Annual Audit Resolution & Affadivit 2016 Aud

Resolution 2017-36 Authorizing Sanitary Sewer Easement for Bloc

Resolution 2017-35 Authorizing Partial Payment No. 1 Hickory Av

Resolution 2017-34 Declaring an Emergency and Authorizing Repai

Resolution 2017-33 Authorizing Final Payment Miller Ave Pumping

Resolution 2017-32 Authorizing Payment No. 2 & 3 Phase 2 San. S

Resolution 2017-31 Approving Change Order No. 1 for Phase Sani

Resolution 2017-30 Establishing Per Bond and Escr Sanitary Sewe

Resolution 2017-29 Authorizing Submission of App for NJ LFB

Resolution 2017-29 Authorizing Issuance of Proj Note

Resolution 2017-28 Declaring an Emergency and Authorizing Repai

Resolution 2017-27 Authorizing Sanitary Sewer Easement for Bloc

Resolution 2017-26 Authorizing Allocation of Sewer Reserve to L

Resolution 2017-25 Awarding Hickory Avenue Pump Station Generat

Resolution 2017-24 Authorizing Final Payment No. 5 and Maint Bo

Resolution 2017-22 Authorizing Public Advertisement for RFQ of

Resolution 2017-21 Deepwater Diner_TWA permit

Resolution 2017-20 Consenting to NJDOT Route 130 Hollywood Ave

Resolution 2017-19 Establishing perf bond amount & escrow 9 Gat

Resolution 2017-18 Awarding Miller Avenue Pump Station Electric

Resolution 2017-17 Establishing perf bond amount & escrow Gatew

Resolution 2017-16 Bond Release – 7 Gateway Blvd

Resolution 2017-15 Appointment of Bond Counsel

Resolution 2017-14 Appointment of Accountant_Auditor

Resolution 2017-13 Appointment of Engineer

Resolution 2017-12 Appointment of Solicitor

Resolution 2017-11 Qualified Purchasing Agent

Resolution 2017-10 Tax Sale Authorization

Resolution 2017-9 Open Public Mtg Act

Resolution 2017-8 Official Newspapers

Resolution 2017-7 Acceptance of Cash Management Plan

Resolution 2017-6 Authorizing Signatures

Resolution 2017-5 Authorizing Depository Funds

Resolution 2017-4 Connection Fee for 2017

Resolution 2017-3 Authorizing executive session

Resolution 2017-2 Authorzing reduction in billing America’s Bes

Resolution 2017-1 Authorizing Treatment Works Approval (TWA) Ma